The Business Datahouse

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The business Data House was created with the idea of providing our customers with the possibility of accessing business information from companies around the world immediately.

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Individual Approach

We have national and international business information ONLINE, and, for companies which are not available immediately, we can prepare business information reports within 24 hours.

Qualified Employers

We know that today, global trade requires business advice, networking and business assistance that facilitates knowing who we are doing business with, thus giving your assets the maximum possible protection, reducing the financial and commercial risk of transactions.

24/7 Online Support

We have a network of colleagues around the world, working locally for each report and thus providing reliable information, with registration data obtained directly from official databases of each country.

Full Reports

Our reports include the complete structure of each company, through which you can have knowledge of the whole tree of related companies as well as directors and shareholders to have a better reading of the organization.