The Business Datahouse

Our history


The Business Data House is a database published with the objective of bringing customers all the information available on commercial companies, and thus helping them to make intelligent decisions protecting their businesses.

Obtain a commercial report either to extend a credit line, grant a new loan, or simply meet our partner, customer or supplier. It is highly recommended to have a previous vision and know who we are working with.

The Business Data House has consolidated throughout these years, helping banks, financial companies, lenders, insurers, suppliers and individuals.

We gathered the team of dedicated and knowledgeable IT specialists, credit analysts, economists, lawyers and translators.

Before we founded The Business Data House, we extended our team with young, talented, and promising experts in information technologies. This eventually allowed us to reach amazing results.

Integrating innovations into our solutions

In 2017, we changed the strategy of providing IT services worldwide and decided to concentrate on integrating innovations into our products and services.

We start cooperating internationally

We united our forces with several American companies to improve the quality of our services and make them available to a bigger amount of customers worldwide.